My initial surgery, a gastric bypass, was performed by Dr. Provost in April, 2000.  At that time, I weighed 325 pounds.  I had both high blood pressure and diabetes.  Although I initially had some complications, I eventually lost almost 150 pounds.  The high blood pressure and diabetes disappeared.  For the first time in my life, I looked and felt normal.  Over the next 4 or 5 years, I slowly began to put weight back on; mainly because I ate things I wasn’t supposed to, and drank high calorie drinks.  Dr. Provost suggested the possibility of a lap band procedure, which at that time, I don’t believe he had ever done on a gastric bypass patient.  I trusted his judgement completely, and agreed to a second surgery.  The lap band was just what I needed to regain control of my eating habits.  I have lost the weight that I needed to lose, my health remains excellent, and I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone who has gained weight after gastric bypass.

Before Surgery

After Surgery

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