Dr. David Provost Addresses Need for Education on Obesity, Bariatric Surgery

Dr. David Provost talks about the need to educate the public about bariatric surgery in the January 2014 issue of Connect magazine from ASMBSIn a recent interview with connect, the official news magazine of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), Dr. David Provost addressed the need to better educate the public about bariatric surgery and the rising rate of obesity. As chairman of the ASMBS Public Education Committee, Dr. Provost is spearheading an effort to increase awareness about the problem of obesity of the safety of weight loss surgery as a treatment option.

The committee has recently revised and expanded the educational materials for that are available to the public and to healthcare professionals through the ASMBS website. In his recent interview, Dr. Provost talks about the state of public education concerning bariatric surgery, common misconceptions, and the committee’s plans to address these issues in the New Year. Read the full interview here.

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