Weight Loss Can Reverse Heart Damage

You’ve likely heard that obesity is linked to heart disease. But did you know that losing weight can potentially reverse damage to your heart caused by obesity? New research showed that weight loss from bariatric surgery can lead to improvements in the cardiovascular system. It is important to note that weight loss achieved through lifestyle interventions did not have the same benefit in this study. We often see significant improvements in the health of our patients who have had bariatric surgery. It is interesting to see studies like this which emphasize potential benefits of the procedures.

Bariatric surgery and subsequent weight loss leads to marked reductions in cardiac troponin I levels, a marker of cardiovascular injury, suggests a new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. In the study, the gastric bypass patients lost an average of 30 percent of their body weight while the lifestyle intervention group lost an average of 8 percent. The extensive weight loss observed with the surgery group was associated with a drastic reduction in cardiac troponin I levels. The group that exercised and restricted calories, showed no such significant reduction in their levels.

This study is encouraging for bariatric surgery patients, with the results showing 12 months after surgery, patients had a cardiovascular risk comparable to the normal weight control group. The results suggest that bariatric surgery may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in morbidly obese patients. While it’s too early to conclude from this study alone, the improvements observed could translate to less heart attacks, heart failure, and cardiovascular deaths.

Remember that every patient is different and the results of the above study need to be discussed with your physician along with specific medical situation.  You can learn more about the benefits associated with weight loss surgery on our website, or call 254.724.2397 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Provost.

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