Teresa Celebrates First Year of Weight Loss Surgery Success

Teresa had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. David Provost in January 2013. One year later, she is down more than 80 pounds and is celebrating her weight loss surgery success.

“I first started struggling with my weight when I went into college,” shares Teresa in her video interview. “I gained the freshman 10 or 20, and then just slowly gained 10 or 15 pounds, 10 or 15 pounds over the next couple of years.” She continued to gain weight during her first year of marriage, eventually reaching more than 300 pounds. She finally decided to take control of her health after seeing her father in the hospital following his quadruple bypass surgery.

Says Teresa, “I just had a revelation that I was doing to my body with food what he had done with his bad lifestyle choices. That was my wake-up call.”

In addition to discontinuing all of her prescription medications after shedding the extra weight, Teresa says she also enjoys the fact that people don’t recognize her new body and face. Sometimes, she doesn’t even recognize herself, she jokes, and will spend time staring at her own legs in disbelief over how thin they are in comparison to her former self. For Teresa, one year has made a world of difference.

“I would say to that person who is thinking about bariatric surgery, don’t wait. Come and see Dr. Provost and get started,” says Teresa.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, contact Provost Bariatrics at 254.724.2397, or check the website calendar for the next free informational seminar with Dr. Provost and his staff.

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