Teens See Lasting Success with Bariatric Surgery

Even though obesity is the second leading preventable cause of death in our country, the treatment for obesity is often met with disagreement. In particular, there’s always been disagreement about how to treat teens with obesity. Should they be offered bariatric surgery – which is known to be the safest and most successful way of losing weight? Or should surgery be avoided because some see this as ‘too big’ of a step? To help answer this question, more and more research is being done on the health risks of obesity to teens, and the outcomes when bariatric surgery is performed. A new study was presented at the Obesity Week Conference – a gathering of medical and surgical experts in obesity from around the world. This study showed that the benefits of bariatric surgery in adolescents are long-lasting, which is an important factor in recommending this treatment. The researchers followed teenagers for three years after their procedures, and found a variety of positive results.

The teens who were followed showed an average weight loss of 27 percent of their BMI. They also found that three fourths of the teens had resolved their high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease, kidney failure, and vision loss. Furthermore, an impressive 95 percent of those who had Type 2 diabetes were in remission at the three-year point. In addition to weight loss success and improvements in their health, there was a substantial overall increase in quality of life reported by the teens. Before the procedure, quality of life was rated by the teens to be an average of 63 out of 100. At the three-year mark, quality of life had improved to an average of 83 out of 100. Dr. Provost is known as an expert in treating adolescents with obesity, and at our practice we’ve seen many patients find success in terms of weight loss, health improvements, and quality of life.

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