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Dr. David Provost Addresses Need for Education on Obesity, Bariatric Surgery

Dr. David Provost talks about the need to educate the public about bariatric surgery in the January 2014 issue of Connect magazine from ASMBS

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Steve Sheds 100+ Pounds in 9 Months after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Steve dropped nearly 110 pounds in 9 months after gastric bypass surgery. Here, he describes how his struggle with obesity began, and the questions he had for Dr. David Provost before making the decision to have weight loss surgery.

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Teresa Celebrates First Year of Weight Loss Surgery Success

Teresa Malgren had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. David Provost in January 2013. Less than a year later, she is down more than 80 pounds and is celebrating her weight loss surgery success.

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Not Too Old for Weight Loss Surgery – Gary’s Story

Gary McCoy was concerned he might be too old for weight loss surgery when he first met with Dr. David Provost two years ago. But, at age 74, Gary was still a good candidate for bariatric surgery. He underwent the Lap-Band procedure, and two years later, Gary has not only maintained his weight loss, but also bikes up to 100 miles each week and recently took up scuba diving. Hear Gary share the story of his journey in this video interview.

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Supplements After Weight Loss Surgery: What You Need to Know

Weight loss surgery can resolve numerous health issues, but if you don’t take the necessary nutritional supplements, it can also lead to serious complications. Find out what vitamins and minerals you need to be taking after bariatric surgery, and get tips on vitamin-makers that offer bariatric-friendly products.

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Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss can be a breeze in the weeks and months immediately after bariatric surgery. Since the procedure limits the amount of food you can comfortably consume, and hormonal changes keep hunger pangs to a minimum, the pounds virtually melt off. But, just when you feel like you’ll reach your goal in record time, something happens: you hit a weight loss plateau.

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Darren: How Weight Loss Surgery Changed My Life

It’s been right at a year since I have had surgery from Dr. Provost. I never realized how big I actually was until I lost the weight. In my mind’s eye, I didn’t look like I actually looked and felt, never saw myself as an obese person, just a little overweight. Looking back at old photos, I am ashamed of myself for getting to that point.

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Support Groups, Conferences are a Boon to Post-Op Patients

Reaching out for support after weight loss surgery can be the difference between ‘happily ever after’ and a continual struggle for emotional peace. Local support groups and weight loss surgery conferences both provide a great opportunity to building friendships with other post-op patients, who can share their advice and encouragement while you walk the journey together.

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Breaking the Bonds of Obesity Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

A new video series explores the factors that have created a “perfect storm” for the obesity epidemic. Learn how to maintain a healthy weight, whether or not you choose weight loss surgery.

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How Weight Loss Surgery Affects Pregnancy

Women in their 20s and 30s who have weight loss surgery surgery are often surprised to find they are pregnant very soon after surgery. Although an improved love life may be a partial explanation, research indicates that bariatric surgery can actually increase a woman’s chances of conceiving.

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