Steve Sheds 100+ Pounds in 9 Months after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Steve Oden dropped nearly 110 pounds in the first nine months since his gastric bypass surgery. He says he began gaining weight in his early 20s, when he started turning to food as a way to manage stress. But, once he developed comorbidities, like high blood pressure and sleep apnea, he knew it was time to take action.

During his first meeting with Dr. Provost, Steve was able to ask all of the questions he had about the different types of weight loss surgery, and determine which bariatric procedure would be right for him. The pre-op process was also very educational, he notes, and helped him understand the lifestyle changes that would be necessary after surgery and prepare for managing issues like emotional eating.

“It goes beyond just the surgery itself, it goes into the issues of food…and how to deal with overconsumption as well as how to make better choices after surgery,” Steve says.

He strongly recommends that patients attend regular support group meetings after surgery to share with others who have had weight loss surgery and learn from each others’ experiences.

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