Physician/Dietician Supervised Weight Loss

Prior to approving your weight loss surgery, your insurance carrier likely will mandate that you must participate in a medically supervised weight loss program.

Please have your Physician and/or Registered Dietician see you once a month with no more than 1 week between each appointment for the required number of consecutive months. This requirement must completed within 12 months prior to surgery. (Our financial coordinator will let you know whether you need to see one or both.)

At each visit, your physician must document ALL of the following information on a progress note:

  1. the date of your visit
  2. a complete set of vital signs including height, weight, and BMI
  3. your current diet program (e.g., low calorie diet, Optifast, Weight Watchers, Sugar Busters, Body for Life, etc.)
  4. your exercise program, including the type of exercise, how much, how often
  5. any behavioral changes to reinforce healthy eating and habits (e.g., eating three meals a day, sitting down at meals, no carbonated beverages, etc.)
  6. any consideration of pharmacotherapy
  7. your goals (dietary/exercise) for the next month; documented exercise is required

After you have completed 1 month, please fax this documentation to our Financial Coordinator, so we can ensure the documentation is thorough and correct. Failure to have the proper documentation may result in you having to complete the medically supervised weight loss again (if you want your insurance provider to cover the surgery).

When you have completed at least 4 months of a medically supervised weight loss program, please call the office to set up your initial surgical consult with Dr. Provost.

In order to submit your bariatric surgery for insurance approval, you must complete ALL of the program as well as provide documentation of any other insurance or medically required information such as:

  • Five-year history of morbid obesity, 1 visit from each year, with weight, date, and doctor’s signature
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Physician and/or dietician consultation
  • Any required medical clearances or tests

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Dr. Provost’s office.

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