I am a woman in my mid 50s with diabetes and liver disease. My doctor (a liver specialist at Methodist Hospital in Dallas) referred me to UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.  After seeing my medical records, the doctors at UT chose Dr. David Provost as being best qualified to do my surgery.

I had Lap-Band surgery in September 2008.  I have lost over 90 pounds since then, and I’m still losing.  I owe it all to Dr. Provost and his team.  Like you and everyone else, I have been on all the diets.  With the Lap-Band, for the first time in my life, I’m in charge of the food.  I control what I eat.  I had medical reasons for needing the Lap-Band, but yes, I also wanted to look and feel better. There were those who suggested that I keep trying to lose – keep struggling as I had been doing for so many years.  I’m not really sure what that would have gained me – except more weight and more frustration.

My advice to you:  Don’t let others make you feel as though you are taking “the easy way out.”  I don’t believe there is an EASY way.  You still need to monitor what you eat.  The main thing is to make good food choices – and Dr. Provost’s office will help you with that. After-care is as important as the surgery itself.  What is so life-changing about the Lap-Band/weight loss surgery is that it is the first time in my life that I am in control what I consume.

Dr. Provost was the best choice for me, and for you, because he is the choice of other bariatric surgeons who realize that Dr. Provost is the best in the field of weight loss surgery.

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