Lap-Band Procedure — Benefits for Years to Come

A recent study looked at the safety and effectiveness of the Lap Band, over five years. This was a multi-center clinical trial, and focused on patients with a BMI of 30–39.9. The findings overall were that Lap-Band patients experienced significant weight loss and beneficial health outcomes.

In the study, about 150 patients underwent Lap-Band surgery and were followed for a span of five years. After surgery, each patient’s journey was evaluated to look at both the effectiveness and any adverse outcomes at follow-up appointments. These follow-up appointments were after one week, six more times in the first year, four times in the second year, and every six months following the two-year mark. How did the study authors define if the procedure was “effective”? The standard they used was that the band would be considered effective if a loss of at least 30% of excess weight was seen in at least 40% of the study population.

The findings indicate that Lap-Band is indeed an effective weight loss procedure. Just over 75% of the patients ultimately experienced an excess weight loss (EWL) of more than 30%.  The study showed that the average was 63% EWL during the five years. Previously released data showed 65% EWL after one year and 70% EWL at two years. The five-year findings support those of an earlier trial which allowed for the Lap-Band to be extended to patients with a BMI as low as 30. In addition to being effective, the Lap-Band also led to better health; these included 85% improvement in diabetes, 64% in dyslipidemia and 60% in hypertension.

You can read about earlier findings on the efficacy of Lap-Band here, and can contact us if you would like to know more about this procedure, or any others Dr. Provost performs for safe, long term weight loss. Remember that every patient is different and the results of the above study need to be discussed with your physician along with specific medical situation.

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