John Di Maggio is on His Third Wardrobe

John-DiMaggio-1In 2012, John Di Maggio had reached a peak weight of 505 pounds. He had diabetes mellitus, requiring treatment with three different anti-diabetic medicines. He also suffered from hypertension and hyperlipidemia, and required daily treatment with an ACE Inhibitor along with taking cholesterol lowering medication.

“I was clinically depressed,” John admits. “I couldn’t fit comfortably into an airline seat, let alone a seat at a movie theater. My ability to undertake physical activity had become severely limited. My family physician had been doing his best to encourage me to lose weight. My family had encouraged me to take steps to lose weight, because they loved me.”

That same year, John reached out to Dr. Provost to discuss making a major change in his life and lifestyle.  “Dr. Provost and his staff did a brilliant job of helping me to assess the risks and the benefits of bariatric surgery,” John says.

John-DiMaggio-2Dr. Provost’s recommendation for John was a gastric sleeve procedure. But before he could undergo the surgical procedure, John began participating in an in-depth educational process through Provost Bariatrics aimed at ensuring a successful surgical outcome as well as John’s health goals for long-term lifestyle changes. He followed the prescribed pre-op diet, underwent surgery and recovered successfully.

“I had been fully prepared for the lifestyle adjustments required post-surgery, thanks to Dr. Provost and his staff,” John adds. “They where available to provide support 24/7. I was impressed with their outstanding level of patient care and service!”

Forward to February 2016 … John is down to 252 pounds. He now works out at the gym two to three times a week and can climb a flight of stairs, easily and without getting winded.

“My suit size has gone from 72 to a size 46,” John says. “I am on my third wardrobe. I no longer take pharmaceuticals. My blood-glucose, blood-pressure and lipid-levels are all normal, and I am no longer clinically depressed.”

“Dr. Provost and his staff continue to offer support; they are a valued resource on this journey. I have learned how to optimize my eating and I am about to undergo plastic surgery for skin reduction. Someone even commented recently that I look younger than I did 15 years ago. I have a new body and I’ve been given a second chance to enjoy a happy life. I am never going back to where I was. I am moving on and re-inventing myself,” he adds.



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