I was 300 pounds and counting. When I looked into the future, all I could see was me getting larger and more secluded since I was SO embarrassed and uncomfortable. Being shy from birth didn’t help, but I hated going anywhere that there was a chance of a crowd even small settings were uncomfortable. I love to travel but would have nightmares for days before a plane trip due to being afraid I wasn’t going to be allowed on the airplane due to my size. I was never humiliated in that way but the fear and then embarrassment of squeezing into that seat tortured me. I had no energy I just wanted to stay inside.


Jennifer (at right in both photos) lost 130 pounds after gastric sleeve surgery! Click photo to enlarge.

Then I heard about the gastric sleeve through a coworker about three years ago—both her sisters had had the surgery. They looked and felt like new people. I was amazed how it changed their life. A family friend had been talking to my mother about the subject and told her she worked with a gastric surgeon out of Texas. My mom and I attended a meeting where he spoke and answered any questions we had about the surgeries. I was convinced that was the path I needed to take.

Jennifer_and_JarrodIt took me a while to afford it, but once I found the funds, I had the gastric sleeve surgery as soon as possible. Though the liquid diet is the pits, I would do it over and over again today to get this awesome opportunity to save my life. I have lost 130 pounds and feel the world of difference!!! I am busy all the time going and doing everything I possibly can!!! I love buying new clothes and going out with my friends. I even started dating and met Jarrod, the most amazing man on this planet—something I never thought would happen for me.

We are getting married next February, six days shy of the two-year anniversary of my surgery. I am so thankful to Dr. Provost and his team at Provost Bariatrics. They are amazing and so kind. Thank you for helping me change my life to a healthier and happier journey.

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  1. Jean Carver October 15, 2014 at 7:06 pm #

    Dear Jennifer,
    As I start my journey. I’m at the weight that your were when you started. Although I’ve only taken my first step, I look forward to following in your foot steps… God Bless

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