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Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss can be a breeze in the weeks and months immediately after bariatric surgery. Since the procedure limits the amount of food you can comfortably consume, and hormonal changes keep hunger pangs to a minimum, the pounds virtually melt off. But, just when you feel like you’ll reach your goal in record time, something happens: you hit a weight loss plateau.

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Stay Hydrated to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Summer may be drawing to a close, but it’s not going down without a fight. Across much of the United States, temperatures have been in the triple digits for much of August. When the mercury rises into the 90s and above, drinking plenty of water becomes especially important to keep the body hydrated and avoid overheating. But, drinking lots of water can also help promote weight loss, an added benefit for pre- and post-op bariatric patients. Find out how much water you need, and what you should be aware of if you’ve had WLS when it comes to water intake.

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Diet Sodas Spell Doom for Weight Loss

People trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss often look to diet sodas as a means of cutting calories. Unfortunately, new research shows that zero-calorie sodas have the opposite effect and can actually cause you to gain weight by throwing off your metabolism.

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Brain Scans Show Carbs Can Be Addictive

Anyone who has tried to “kick carbs” can tell you that giving up starches and sweets can be painfully difficult. Now, new research shows that the craving for carbs may be more than a matter of taste.

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Support Groups, Conferences are a Boon to Post-Op Patients

Reaching out for support after weight loss surgery can be the difference between ‘happily ever after’ and a continual struggle for emotional peace. Local support groups and weight loss surgery conferences both provide a great opportunity to building friendships with other post-op patients, who can share their advice and encouragement while you walk the journey together.

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Breaking the Bonds of Obesity Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

A new video series explores the factors that have created a “perfect storm” for the obesity epidemic. Learn how to maintain a healthy weight, whether or not you choose weight loss surgery.

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How Weight Loss Surgery Affects Pregnancy

Women in their 20s and 30s who have weight loss surgery surgery are often surprised to find they are pregnant very soon after surgery. Although an improved love life may be a partial explanation, research indicates that bariatric surgery can actually increase a woman’s chances of conceiving.

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Tips to Kick the Junk Food Addiction

Junk food and fast food may be as addictive as hard drugs, which might explain why obesity rates continue to rise. Learn how to kick the habit, and how our new Pouch Rules class can help you get back on track if the pounds start to creep on again!

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Bariatric Surgery Has Long-Term Benefits for Diabetes, Heart Disease

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that bariatric surgery helps patients manage both type 2 diabetes and heart disease, even long-term.

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New Report Addresses Complications from Weight Loss Surgery

Complication rates for U.S. bariatric surgery patients are generally low, but a new report shows that the quality of care has a direct impact on the risk of weight loss surgery.

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