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Will Your Insurance Company Pay for Bariatric Surgery?

“Will my insurance company pay for weight loss surgery?”
This is one of the most common questions we hear from individuals considering a bariatric procedure.
If your insurance company will not cover bariatric surgery, our financial coordinator will call you and discuss cash pay options.
If you do not have any criteria to meet, call the office at […]

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Pre-Operative Psychological / Psychiatric Evaluation

Many insurance carriers require patients to complete a pre-operative psychological evaluation as part of the approval process for bariatric surgery claims. Our Financial Coordinator will obtain your specific bariatric benefits and pre-determination requirements prior to your first consultation, so we can assist you in meeting the guidelines established by your carrier.
The Bariatric Pre-Operative Psych Evaluation […]

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Physician/Dietician Supervised Weight Loss

Prior to approving your weight loss surgery, your insurance carrier likely will mandate that you must participate in a medically supervised weight loss program.
Please have your Physician and/or Registered Dietician see you once a month with no more than 1 week between each appointment for the required number of consecutive months. This requirement must completed […]

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